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September 29, 2017


SEL Spotlight


This first nine weeks our teachers have focused on relationship building with the students. In Social Studies, students have had some SEL lessons about how to build strong friendships, be a good friend, identify what they value in a friend, and resolve conflicts. The issue of friendship is a huge topic at middle school as students switch friend groups as they develop different interests. Navigating through this can be challenging, and we are working to help students address conflicts with peers when they have a problem instead of talking behind another's back or letting anger build up. Below is a sample of some student insights about being a good friend.


Teachers have then taken it further and had students make connections within the context of History to point out both positive and negative relationships. No matter what the world looks like, our students will have to navigate relationships and possess strong interpersonal skills. Our goal is to give them tools to do so.



The Cougar Scoreboard

Running Cougars!  


After an early start and beautiful drive to Comfort, the Cross Country (XC) team had a very productive morning!


On the 7th grade girls' side, Sarah Marquis was our leading runner with a 15th place finish, followed by additional medalist Thea Findlay in 20th place.


The 7th grade boys were led by a 15th place finish from Eli Derr and 17th place from Jacob Wong.


The 8th grade girls had 6 runners medaling with HCMS' own Evan Biles winning the meet in a time of 12:28, followed closely by 3rd place runner Sydney Osgood.  Other medalists were Ella Seidel in 11th, Sydney Franke in 12th, Allie Hendrix in 20th, and Ruby Holland in 25th.


The 8th grade boys had 3 medalists with Eli Pastor leading the team with 13th place, followed by Ben Aydelotte in 19th and Michael Salas in 21st.



Volleyball Girls vs Hudson Bend


7th Grade vs HBMS

Red Team  20-25, 25-17, 18-25  

Blue Team  15-25, 19-25   




8th Grade vs HBMS 

Red Team  27-25, 25-14 

Blue Team  25-8, 17-25, 23-25 


Hill Country 7th and 8th grade Red teams both took home first at the Lake Travis "A" Team Volleyball Tournaments this past weekend.  Go, fight, win, Lady Cougars!


Cougar Football vs Lake Travis

7th Grade vs LTMS 
Red Team  14-0    
Blue Team  27-0
White Team  19-0 

8th Grade vs LTMS

Red Team   Game canceled

Blue Team 0-6 halftime score -       game canceled

White Team  0-28 






No newsletter this week!

Why? Because there are only 2 CRITICAL issues we need to bring to your attention. If you want to know more about anything Cougar Club, we highly encourage you to visit our new, updated, informative website at www.hcmscougarclub.com.

1. The Cougar Dash closes tomorrow. We NEED your support. To be fiscally responsible, the Cougar Club builds it's annual budget based on funds raised the previous school year. This year, donations currently will not support the budget we established for this year. Please don't delay and donate today! Can't recall if you donated? Visit our www.hcmscougarclub.com fundraising page to view a list of donors.

2. If you haven't heard about the EISD Swap&Drop Tax Ratification Proposal, then YOU NEED TO! Please stop what you are doing and visit https://www.eanesisd.net/community/pennyswap. The 3:45 minute video is all it will take to learn how extremely important it is that you vote on November 7th!




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Relationship Skills Tips

An important part of teaching the curriculum in any classroom is having a positive and safe learning environment. Social and emotional learning (SEL) provides the foundation for this environment. EISD has chosen to highlight relationship skills as our SEL focus for the first nine weeks. Using Second Step as our curriculum, teachers are helping students develop the skills necessary to develop healthy relationships with others.

As our partners in education, we encourage you to support our efforts in this area. The Parent Toolkit is a resource for parents that was developed by NBC News Education Nation and is supported by Pearson. The Toolkit provides parents a wealth of information, in English and Spanish, on social and emotional development in addition to academics, health & wellness, financial literacy, and college & career.

According to the Parent Toolkit one way to help middle school students learn social skills and relationship-building abilities is to talk about first impressions.  Teach your teen “how to maintain eye contact, speak clearly, introduce themselves and smile or convey warmth to make a good first impression.” Support your teen by role-playing and helping them introduce themselves to others.



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