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Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is the purpose of the Hill Country Cougar Club?

A Our purpose is to bring a closer relationship between the home
and school, which parents and teachers may work in a cooperative
relationship for the benefit of the children at HCMS

Q What does the Cougar Club do?
We volunteer in our school, plan and implement events and
activities directly related to school functions for students, teachers
and parents of HCMS. Collect funds through membership dues,
membership drives, and other fund raising events to be used for
educational purposes, scholarships, materials, events and activities
for the students and faculty.

Q When does the Cougar Club meet?
We meet on the first Wednesday of every month at 8:45 a.m. in
the school library. Exceptions are the months of December, January
and March in deference to holidays.

Q What does it cost to join? How do you join?
The cost is $20 per year per family to join. Click here to join.

Q How can I volunteer to be on or head up a committee?
A Check out ways to volunteer under the Volunteer Opportunities page

Q What if I have a question about the Cougar Club that isn't listed here?
Contact Dinah Street or Zelda Minor and we'll get you an answer!