Friends of HCMS 2016 - 2017


The Brainard Family

BFF LEVEL ($2,500 - $4,999)

Brookins Family

Ardi Family

Kirk & Sheri Miller

PEEPS LEVEL ($1,000 - $2,499)

The Cockrell Family

Brinkley Family

Butler Family

Restivo Family

The Goodner Family

Peterson Family

Jarrett Family

The Claunch Family

The Olivia Swanson Family

Robert and Sylvia Kubiak

John Littlefield

Fisher Family

Christi and Kevin Bozic

BANNER BUDDY LEVEL ($500 - $999)

Family of Daniel Butler

The Brydson Family

The Klubnik Family

Marian and Rick Wupperman

The Ferguson Family

Katy and Eric Taylor

Anne & Chris Newton

MacRae Family

Soltero Family

The Burns Family

Skinner Family

Trabue Family

Fairway Independent Mortgage-The Muench Family

The Moreland Family

The Cox Family

The McWilliams Family

McArtor Family

Derr Family

The Poses Family

Family of Morgan Stanford

The Forbes Family

Browning Family

Holford Family

Frank and Melissa Zidar

Efficient Air Conditioning & Electric

Welch Family

Allie Shi

Steven and Colleen Jones


Brooks Family

The Kienstra Family

Kathy and Jimmy Kull

Jason and Dawn Melear

Hallberg Family

Hewitt Family

The Welsh Family

The Sulester Family

Sean & Cherie Wang

John and Augustus Hagan

BRO LEVEL ($250 - $499)

Jay and Claire Murray

Lauren and Ava Newton Family

Diane and Bryan Lee

Hendrix Family

Magnusson Family

Brandy Archer

Chris and Cara Lowrimore

Cannatti Family

Tushar and Julie Shah

The Stoebner Family

McKernan Family

The Buffington Family

Helble Family

Bright Family

Yates Family

Clark Family

Tschopp Family

The Townsend Family

Dawson Family

The Ott Family

Scott and Colleen Lynch

Julie & Chris Ohlmeyer

Lawton and Craig Cummings

The Family of Adin Newton

Scott & Tammy Berry

Owen & Ben Hubert

Meakin Family

The Wenk Family

Packard Family

The Graham Family

Eitel Family

Ethan Nguyen

Aaron and Jessica Kizer

Family of Teague Booth

Patterson Kids

The Smith Family

Pacheco Family

The Apple Family

Sandi and Dan Durn

Mama Fu's Asian House

Franzen vanVoorhis Family

Biles Family

Bergen Family


The Guan Family

David Zurovec Family

Dan and Leigh Gillett

The McWilliams Family

Mills Family

Tollen Family

Huber Family

Peppas Family

Yuwon Chen Family

Riezebeek Family

Brown Family