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 Special Programs Instructional Partner Website Email 
Arthur, Sheeba Math Alg/Geo Website Email 
Ballengee, Kelly Administration Registrar  Email 
Barbier, Erin Foreign Language French Website Email 
Beebe, Matt Social Studies 6th Grade Website Email 
Berdoll, Becky Science 6th Grade/7th Grade Website email 
Blankenburg, Lisa Foreign Language Chinese Website Email 
Boehme, Mark Math Math/Math 6/7 Website Email 
Boyd, Crystal English Language Arts 8th Grade/8th Grade PreAP Website Email 
Bradham, Krista Math 8th Grade/Pre-AP 8th Grade Website Email 
Bratton, Katy Music Choir Website Email 
Bremer, Jacob English Language Arts 6th Grade Website Email 
Burns, Sharon Special Programs Dyslexia/ RTI Reading Website Email 
Bush, Pamela Science 6th Grade Website Email 
Buttler, Jenny English Language Arts 7th Grade Website Email 
Cabaza-Perez, Judy Electives Teen Skills Website Email 
Camarillo, Maggie Special Programs 6th Grade Social Studies/6th Grade Math Website Email 
Casey, Roselle Electives Art  Email 
Clark, Robie Special Programs RTI Math and Study Skills/Content Mastery Website Email 
Cunningham, Leslee English Language Arts 6th Grade Website Email 
Davids, Casey Support Services Counselor - 6th Grade/8th Grade A-K  Email 
del Hierro, Kathie Electives Art Website Email 
Dobinsky, Tyson Electives Robotics/Tech Design Website Email 
DuBoise, Ann Special Programs Lifeskills/7th Grade Social Studies Website Email 
Dunagan, Jacob Special Programs Behavior Support/Study Skills Website Email 
Edgar, Carol Math 7th Grade/7th Pre-AP Website Email 
Eickhoff, Joy Special Programs 6th/8th ELA, Study Skills Website Email 
Ellis, Jolene Support Services LSSP  Email 
Embrey, Larry Social Studies 7th Grade/Athletics Website Email 
Finkelstein, David Foreign Language Latin/Comp Tech Website Email 
Fischer, Chuck Music Band Website Email 
Fisk, Avi Math 6th Grade/6/7 Grade Comp Website Email 
Flohr, Elisabeth Science 8th/IPC Website Email 
Flowers, Suzanne Administration AP Secretary/Counselor Secretary  Email 
Floyd, Cheryl Music Band Website Email 
Foster, Shellie Administration Principal's Secretary  Email 
Friday, Pam Electives 6th Grade Wheel-Drama, Theatre Tech and Design, HCP Website Email 
Garner, Amy Special Programs Special Education Website Email 
George, Ashley Music Choir Website Email 
Giles, Nicole Science 8th grade/6th grade Athletics Website Email 
Gotcher, Ty Social Studies US History Website Email 
Gray, Candra Electives Comp Apps 6th Wheel/Yearbook/Speech Website Email 
Grimmett, Felix Administration Assistant Principal  Email 
Haro, Luis  Foreign Language Spanish Website Email 
Hatten, Ricci Foreign Language Spanish 7-8 Website Email 
Hausman, Hannah Social Studies 6th Grade Website Email 
Hiott, Kendall Social Studies 8th Grade Website Email 
Hodge, Amy PE/Health/Athletics PE Website Email 
Horvitz, Rachel Music Orchestra Website Email 
Howden, Abby Social Studies 7th Grade Website Email 
Huber, Todd Support Services Sixth Grade Counselor Website Email 
Jones, Christine Social Studies 6th Grade/Athletics Website Email 
Katz, Robert Special Programs American History/Science 8th  Email 
Kee, David Social Studies 7th Grade Website Email 
Kiser, Woodroe Science 8th Grade/IPC Website Email 
Kozelsky, Danae Science 7th Grade Website Email 
Lofgren, Chris Electives Graphics & Web Design/HCTV/Film Website Email 
Lombardo, Richard Support Services Ed Tech Website Email 
Long, Kevin PE/Health/Athletics PE Website Email 
Lugo, Eric PE/Health/Athletics PE/Health Website Email 
Mccamant, Meghan Special Programs GT/Above and Beyond Website Email 
McClennahan, Rhoni Special Programs ESL Website Email 
McConnell, Meridith Science 7th Grade Website Email 
McCormick, Janet Special Programs Testing Center  Email 
McKelvy, Michael Math Pre-AP Algebra 1/ Math 8th Pre-AP Website Email 
Milam, Ingram English Language Arts 6th Grade Pre AP/6th Grade Website Email 
Molina, Emily Special Programs Science/English language arts Website Email 
Morrison, Brittaney English Language Arts 7th Grade/ 7th Grade PreAP Website Email 
Morrow, Krissy Electives Spanish 8/Spanish 1- Accelerated Website Email 
Mosher, Brenda English Language Arts 8th Grade Website Email 
New, Melissa English Language Arts 6th Grade/8th Grade Website Email 
Nookala, Manjula Administration Assistant Principal  Email 
Recer, Katie Special Programs 7th grade ELA/Science/Math Website Email 
Reed, Robin Support Services Nurse Website Email 
Rioux, Christina Special Programs Behavior Support/7th Grade TX History Website Email 
Rogers, Kirk PE/Health/Athletics 6th grade Website Email 
San Miguel, Chelsea Electives Teen Skills Website Email 
Santos, Adam Math Math 7 PreAP/Math 8 Website Email 
Schubert, Heather Special Programs Librarian Website Email 
Siler, Kirk PE/Health/Athletics PE Website Email 
Sullivan, Kathleen Administration Principal Website Email 
Taylor, Lindsey Special Programs STEM Instructional Partner  Email 
Thunder, Heidi Special Programs Special Education  Email 
Troxell, Sylvia Special Programs Special Education Website Email 
Vengler, Kristen Social Studies U.S. History - Grade 8 Website Email 
Verret, Lee Anne Science 6th Grade Website Email 
Washburn, Beth English Language Arts 7th PRE-AP Website Email 
Weisinger, Jessica Math 7th Grade/8th Grade/Athletics Website Email 
Wiest, Danielle Support Services Counselor - 7th Grade/8th Grade L-Z  Email 
Wright, Kristina Special Programs Mod/Colab Math Website Email 
Yenca, Cathy Math Math 8/Algebra 1  Website Email 
Yurko, Sarah Electives Theater Arts/HCP/6th Wheel Website Email 
Showing 92 items