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Middle Schoolers, Wanna be in a rock band?  Want your first gig to be at Antone's for Jam Fest 2013? 

Jam Fest is a youth band fund raiser for EEF, the Eanes Education Foundation.  A fund for teacher's salaries.   In an effort to raise awareness for Jam Fest 2013, to raise more money for teachers  and to support our youth community by "Rocking Out", Jam Fest Producer and Director of Band Aid School of Music, James Mays, will be holding Auditions for students who are ready to do the work necessary to play in a performing band.  

Auditions to play in one of the Jam Fest Rock Bands will be held on Saturday September 29th at Westridge Middle School, 3:00-5:00 pm.  Please bring your instruments, arrive early and plan to stay for the entire audition process. Drums will be provided.  Click here to Register  All information must be filled out correctly to be eligible to audition.  email or Call 512-698-8227 to sign up today. Thanks! and Good Luck!

Once performers have auditioned, you will be grouped into bands.  Each band will meet weekly at on of the Band Aid School of Music locations and will write and rehearse songs for live performances, the first of which will be at Antone's for Jam Fest, January 19, 2013.  Tuition for each band member will be $250 per month for band rehearsals and performance classes.  Each month will consist of 3 rehearsals (1.5 hours long) and one performance class (2 hours) in addition to scheduled gigs.  Each selected band member must be able to make a commitment through the spring semester of 2013. Think of this as your "club sports team for music" and a way to have a blast!

*Jam Fest was founded in 2008 by Dr Randy Kunik, DDS, Specialist in Orthodontics and is produced by Band Aid School of Music