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Hill Country Middle School

Hill Country MS EANESpiration Winners, 2023

Hill Country MS EANESpiration Winners, 2023

Eanespiration Awards
HCMS Eanespiration Winners

Left to Right. Superintendent Dr. Jeff Arnett, Jake Cumbie, Morgan Hanover, Vanessa Holda, Jennifer Petrini, Shreya Sahu and Principal Kathleen Sullivan. Not Pictured: Larry Embrey and Danielle Wiest.

Educational Impact 

Those who display leadership and commitment to the district by making a positive, noticeable and significant impact.

Jake Cumbie, Social Studies Teacher
You can tell Jake knows and loves his subject matter but also connects with his students on a very personal level. This is evident when you listen to how students interact with him. His students all have nicknames from him, and many students choose to have lunch with him instead of their peers because they know it is a safe place. He is equally as popular with his PLC and has a nickname from them as well: Director of Shenanigans. And did we mention Jake is a Grammy-worthy rapper as well? Not only is he tech-savvy, but he has a knack for knowing what kinds of activities students will connect with and enjoy. He continues to make an indelible mark on his students!

Morgan Hanover, Special Ed Teacher
Morgan is so knowledgeable about her students and their needs. She cares and advocates for her students and her team and is a wonderful mentor to new teachers. She quickly takes action and is the queen of schedules. Morgan is level-headed in stressful situations, able to communicate staff and student needs clearly and is a great listener.  The special education team at HCMS is lucky to have Morgan Hanover!   

Vanessa Holda, Special Ed Teacher
Vanessa has been a major team leader for the special education program at Hill Country. She has taken the role of mentor to many new teachers, takes time out of her day to help anyone, she gives great feedback and advice when helping other educators, and she always meets challenges head-on.  Ms. Holda, you make Hill Country Middle School a better place!

Jennifer Petrini, Special Ed TA
Jen's compassion for her students is evident each and every day. No matter what the unique situation, she lovingly nurtures and cares for her students in a way that provides needed structure while giving them grace if they are having an "off" day. Even when circumstances are challenging, she always has a smile on her face and is extraordinarily patient. She is also extremely professional and discreet.  It is difficult to imagine our daily lives without Jen's helpful hand to get us through.  


Those who perform an outstanding achievement that brings prestige to Eanes ISD, or do something that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Shreya Sahu, Substitute Coordinator
Shreya took on a new role this year and to say she has been amazing is an understatement. She has learned all the systems and details the sub-coordinator role entails and she makes it look seamless and effortless. Her professionalism and attention to detail are excellent. On top of that, her positive attitude and compassion make the front office an even better place to be. Shreya is a hero to HCMS and we are incredibly appreciative of her talent! 

Danielle Wiest, Counselor
Danielle is truly appreciated for her directness, advocacy for students, common sense attitude, and desire to do a great job without a need for appreciation or acknowledgment. Danielle ALWAYS makes decisions and takes action with the student's best interest first! Nothing is a greater compliment to a school counselor. Over more than two decades, Danielle has implemented systems for our campus that make serving our students with the greatest efficiency and care possible. Danielle is a ROCK STAR of a school counselor.


Those who implement a creative or innovative program, teaching method, cost-savings, etc.

Larry Embrey, Texas History/Coach
Larry was instrumental in getting our students’ weight room a much overdue facelift. He compiled excellent research including pictures of weight rooms in all the other middle schools in our area. He went above and beyond and thought creatively on how to solicit funds from numerous sources to help defray the costs. In the end, we got an amazing new weight room for our students as a result of his efforts. His hard work has paid off for our students!



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