HUGSS for the Homeless Drive

HUGSS for Homeless
Hats, Underwear, Gloves, Socks, Scarves & more

For the 17th year, House the Homeless will conduct a Thermal Underwear Drive to provide thermal underwear, hats, gloves, scarves and more for men and women, experiencing homelessness in Austin.

Right now in Austin we have about 4,000 people without homes and only about 600 emergency shelter beds, so most homeless people do not have a place to sleep indoors in Austin each night. At the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless, there is a lottery each night to get a mat on the floor. In the winter that can be a serious problem. House the Homeless wants to make sure that no one dies on the streets of Austin because of hypothermia (being too cold).

On New Year's Day, House the Homeless will have a party at the First Baptist Church downtown with live music and lunch. That is when we give out the HUGSS to all of the homeless people who come. We usually serve between 500-600 people.

We do not take donations of clothing because it becomes very confusing when you are trying to give out 600 sets of everything in 2 hours and nothing matches. Also, we are able to buy the items at a discounted price, so we can make the money go further.

We welcome donations of any amount.

$10 = one thermal top and one thermal bottom.
$35 = one thermal top, one thermal bottom, one hat, one pair of gloves, one scarf, a rain poncho, a safety whistle, and a pair of toasty socks.

What about sleeping bags and blankets? We don't collect or give them out because they are hard for people to carry around, and they are in conflict with the No Camping Law in Austin.

Last year Hill Country Students and Staff raised $9,563.80!

Let's beat that record!

Go Cougars!