We will not accept phone calls to clear an absence. We must have written documentation, preferably by email, regarding absences. If you are unable to send an email please send a written note with your child upon their return.



  • Your student's academic success is in direct relation to their attendance
  • State law requires a student to be in attendance 90% of the time to receive credit for a course
  • School districts do receive funding for each day a student is in attendance

What is an Absence?

Recognized absences DO NOT count towards the 90% rule include:

  • Medical appointments: Student has a doctor's note and is present at least part of the day
  • Illness with a doctor's note: Student is ill all day and has a doctor's note
  • Religious holy day: Student has a note from home stating observance of a holy day
  • School related/extra-curricular activity: Field trip or athletic event representing the school
  • Court appearance with documentation
  • Visa or passport renewal
  • Funeral for family member
  • Absences due to an out-of-school suspension

All other absences DO count towards the 90% rule.

Please note that your student may have to make up time in the classroom in order to be in compliance with the 90% rule. The school will notify you with attendance concerns.